The Moss Point Team


J. Douglas Perry, MBA, MA
Managing Partner

J.D. Perry founded, and is the President and CEO of ViaCap Partners, the parent company of Moss Point Financial.  In addition to running the day to day business of the company, J.D is actively involved in creating client portfolios.  He leads the initial inventory review and selection of policies, and makes the final buy and settlement decisions for Moss Point portfolios. Prior to founding Moss Point, Mr. Perry was the President and CEO of JP Global Capital Management, which managed the Troika I Fund which was focused on trading currencies using quantitative approaches to portfolio management. Troika I fund won the fund of the year in Europe in 2015. At JPGCM Mr. Perry  managed funds for banking institutions, large pension funds, large foundations and large family portfolios.  Mr. Perry is considered an expert in portfolio management and has served in the role of expert witness as an authority to that end.  Prior to launching JPGCM, Mr. Perry served in a variety of roles in larger trust institutions and served as Exec Vice President of Trust Division for First Commerce (now JPMorgan Chase), a $40 billion trust group located in Louisiana servicing the Southeast US.  As part of this division, the trust group managed six mutual funds, the Marquis Funds, and a broker/dealer, Marquis Investments.

Mr. Perry graduated from Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in Finance.  He received a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Houston in  Clear Lake, Texas. Mr. Perry also has two other master’s degrees, and M.A. in Theology (Liberty University), and an M.A. in Ancient Languages (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary).  Mr. Perry sits on the Executive Committee and is the Chairman of the Business and Investments Committee of Louisiana College and is on the board of Lifeway, a $500mm revenue retailer, where he is the Business and Finance Committee Chairman.  Mr. Perry is married and has two children.

Kevin Zito, Ph.D.
Director, Research & Quantitative Modeling

Dr. Zito holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from Louisiana State University in Pure and Applied  Mathematics concentrating on predictive financial modeling.  He received his Master's in Secondary Mathematics from LSU in 2002.  Dr. Zito has concentrated his research  in expanding upon the highly celebrated results of Paul Levy and Alexander Khintchine, which characterized processes that underlie asset pricing models.  In addition to his work with Moss Point, Dr. Zito serves on the faculty of University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he continues his research on pricing models, specifically on European pricing models and options, and other solution sets to further bring predictive capabilities to financial modeling.


John R. Murphy, ASA
Director, Valuation & Policy Services

Mr. Murphy is an ASA certified business appraiser and financial analyst.  He holds a Bachelor's degree from Eastern New Mexico University in Finance and served in the United States Air Force.  He has been in the business appraisal industry for over 20 years and is a recognized expert in corporate finance, organizational strategy and financial modeling.  He has served as an expert witness on numerous occasions in recognition of his expertise.  John has led the transactional transfer of several large operating firms including oilfield services, pharmaceuticals and industrial machining firms.  He will serve as head of valuation determining proper valuation of policies but also the sound rating of issuers.

Mark Freeman, M.D.
Chief Medical Review Officer

Mark Freeman, MD is a physician who works with employer clients and employees to bring them to optimal health and performance. Dr. Freeman has owned and operated numerous clinics of preventive medicine, namely occupational and wellness clinics in south Louisiana. Dr. Freeman has been a team leader as the medical director for two hospitals and a nursing home, as well as the chief deputy coroner for a parish in Louisiana.

Dr. Freeman is a qualified, certified and authorized physician for the evaluation of “fitness for duty” for many states, national and international organizations. He has earned multiple honors in his many fields of study.

Dr. Freeman holds a diploma in Preventive and Occupational Medicine from University of Cincinnati School of Medicine, a completion of internship in Internal Medicine from LSU/EKLMH in Baton Rouge, and an MD degree from LSU/NO.