The Opportunity


A large, established, and clearly defined asset class

$20T in Face Value of Policies Existed in the U.S. as of 2017

$900B Worth of Policies Lapse Annually


Poised for
meaningful growth

$185B of Gross Average Annual Life Settlements Forecasted for 2016-2025*


*Conning Inc.

  • As awareness of cash-out options permeates the market, policyholder interest will naturally grow:

    Currently ~90% of all life insurance policies written terminate without any payment (nearly 5% lapse annually). As it stands, those policyholders unaware of cash-out options end up with zero cash and zero insurance – even after years of paying premiums.

  • …As will their desire to identify alternatives to maximizing the value of their policies:

    On average, insurance companies pay less than one-third of fair market cash value of a policy at disposition¹ – often charging additional “surrender” fees in the process.